Paper tamplate

  • paper tamplate is available for download: 

Submission Requirements

  • Paper must match the provided conference paper template (download here)
  • Paper should not exceed the maximum page numbers given below (including bibliography and appendix)
  • Length of the full paper: up to 12 pages, including full text, tables, list of sources and author' addresses
  • The list of sources used in the paper should follow the APA (American Psychological Association, more here) citation standard
  • The text should be referenced using the Harvard style
  • Full paper submit per e-mail socialia@uhk.cz

Types of Paper

  • theoretical essay
  • theoretical-empirical contribution
  • research report
  • evaluation report

Structure of the paper

  • the title of the paper: write from the left margin, font size 14 points, bold
  • author/authors: first and last name, write from the left margin without titles, the state in abbreviated form
  • abstract (in your language, and in english): in the range 500–900 characters including spaces and punctuation marks, outline the technical aspects of the paper (focus, methods, results), starting from the left margin and without indentation 
  • keywords: 5–7 keywords, separated by semicolon, strating from the left margin 
  • text: chapter headings should be written from the left margin with bold highlighting (size 12 points), do not use the numbering function to number chapters
  • authors' address: title(s), name(s), surname, place of workplace (university, faculty, department), e-mail


  • font: Times New Roman
  • font-size: 12 points for text
  • line spacing: 1 line
  • character spacing: normal
  • do not split words at the end of lines
  • when referring to sources in the text, use Harvard style parenthetical citations as follows: (Last name, year of publication, page) 
  • include numbered tables, figures, graphs, and charts created in a Word processor directly in the text, please attach scanned images on a separate page 

Sources (References)

For each source, provide basic bibliographic information according to APA citation standards. 


  • Book: Surname, N. (year of publication). Title. Place of publication: Publisher.
  • Book chapter: Surname, N. (year of publication). Title of paper. In Surname, N. Book title. Place of publication: Publisher, pages.
  • Article in journal: Surname, N. (year of publication). Title of paper. Journal name, year. (issue), pages.


When choosing the topic of the paper, please respect the thematic focus of the SOCIALIA 2023 scientific conference. The Editorial Board reserves the right not to publish papers that do not correspond to the thematic focus of the conference SOCIALIA 2023 or are not positively evaluated by the reviewers.